I am interested in the power theatre has to change a soul’s perspective.  I love multimedia; even when it was the clunky 1970’sreal time combination of artistic elements and technologies. I love it still, though it is so diverse now as to be almost meaningless as a descriptor – thence we have succeeded! The multimedia revolution is ubiquitous. And yet, perhaps there is even more reason to explore the concomitant crashing of meanings that a Brechtian-inspired multimedia artist might engender.

So – that said – there are so many versions of my bio… and one would begin and end with my membership at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Some other wonderful art organizations that changed my life by giving me access to equipment and staging arenas for my dreams are the Missoula Community Access Television (http://www.mcat.org), HB Studio (http://www.hbstudio.org), The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art (http://www.the-square.org), and the Surrealist London Action Group (http://robberbridegroom.blogspot.com).

But EST is where I lived in my heart as I became a playwright. A mother. A poet. An art-education technology PhD. I am still thanking Curt Dempster in every way I can, for supporting so unconditionally such an oddball as myself from actress, to playwright, to producer/director, to artist-at-large.

www.2cyberwhelm.org primary personal website since 1998 www.youtube.com/bestisfree (full length play - produced at EST in July 2009 in 26 short videos: "the best things in life are free") www.youtube.com/temirose (excerpts from full length play – produced at EST in July 2007: "once upon a time in times square") www.myspace.com/temirose www.flickr.com/photos/temirose