Pulitzer Prize winning playwright (The Subject Was Roses); Obie-best play (Who'll Save the Plowboy); eighteen one-acts and a full-length (Contact With the Enemy, nominated best play by the Drama Desk) produced at EST.

He's also a novelist, television writer, screen writer and film director.  His adventures as an award winning independent film maker recounted in "Everything you Need to Know About Making Independent Films - Including a Thousand Reasons Not To."

He was present when Curt Dempster first publicly voiced the dream that became The Ensemble Studio Theatre.  "I never fully grasped Curt's intention but there was no mistaking the energy, sincerity and dedication that fueled EST for thirty-five years."

A memoir ("Writing for Love and/or Money - Outtakes From a Life on Spec") documents his navigation through the shoals of TV and Hollywood without losing sight of his first love (theatre) which EST helped him sustain.