Holy Crab!

Holy Crab!

By Zhu Yi

The Chinese Mitten Crab is coming to America.  But when it arrives, will it get the welcome it deserves?
HOLY CRAB! is a wildly theatrical dark comedy that blows up the American immigrant experience, and tells a rollicking tale across time and space of how these crabs - a dangerous invader here, a priceless delicacy at home - made it from China to the coast of New York, like so many Chinese Americans before them.

with *Kelly Anne Burns, *Bobby Foley, *Natalie Kim, *Meera Rohit Kumbhani, *Calaine Schafer, * Imran Sheikh, *Keola Simpson, *Shawn Randall, *Mike Smith Rivera, *Michael Rosete

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Puppetry Designer and Choreographer: Lake Simons
Music Director: Yoonmi Lee
Stage Manager: Dana Gal
Production Manager: Joe Lankheet