Ensemble Studio Theatre is BOWLING FOR DOLLARS!  Here's how it works:

  • You sponsor your favorite bowlers for a set amount per point.
  • EST goes bowling on March 27th!
  • We'll tell you your sponsored bowlers' best-of-two-games score, and your total donation!

Sponsor as many bowlers for as much or as little as you would like - two bucks a point, ten cents a point, everything helps!

All donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds support the operations of Ensemble Studio Theatre and our commitment to supporting artists throughout their creative lives!

Questions? Please contact our Development Manager, Aaron Hock at: ahock@estnyc.org

Who's Bowling:

Will Arbery
Robert Askins
Hilary Bettis
Pamela Berlin
Steven Boyer
Suzanne Bradbeer
Stephen Brown
Sara Bues
Billy Carden
Chris Ceraso
Eric Conger
Helen Coxe
Harrison Densmore
Sasha Diamond
Gary Donatelli
Linsay Firman
Lynnette R. Freeman

Graeme Gillis
Cary Gitter
Holli Harms
Kelli Lynn Harrison
Alex Herrald
Aaron Hock
Bob Jaffe
Amanda Keating
Eileen Lalley
Jason Liebman
Patrick Link
Tommy Lyons
Ken Mandel
Andrew Massey
Jared McGuire
Carolyn Mignini
Bobby Moreno

James Murtaugh
Melanie Nicholls-King
Ethan Nienaber
Robert Parker
Lawton Paseka
Jay Patterson
Nina Pratt
Christina Quintana
Shawn Randall
Samantha Sembler
Paul Slee
RJ Tolan
Nicholas Ward
Emily Chadick Weiss
Catya McMullen

Don't see your bowler? Don't fret! Write them in anyway, this list is still being updated.

Who are You Sponsoring? *
Who are You Sponsoring?
Please put the first & last name of your bowler. If it's too hard to choose, put "Random" and we'll assign you a bowler!
Sponsor your chosen bowler for a certain amount per point they score! For instance, if you pledge $0.25 per point and your bowler scores an 85, your total donation would be 85 x $0.25 = $21.25!
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The Mercy Rule
Please note - if a sponsored bowler bowls LESS than a 40 in their first game, we may allow them to play their second with gutter bumpers.