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Nearly 50 years ago, a group of artists got together to form one of the nation's first developmental theatres. Their idea was simple yet radical: discover and nurture new plays, and support the growth of artists throughout their creative lives. Today, hundreds of writers, actors and directors credit EST for providing critical support at watershed moments in their careers. From commissions and readings to workshops and world premieres, EST is developing what's next in American theatre.

This impact is impossible without your support. Gifts to EST's Annual Fund are unrestricted, allowing us to use your contribution where it's needed most, be it paint for a set piece or hand towels for the bathroom. Please consider a gift today.

Donate $500 or more to become an Ensemble Partner for the year.  Ensemble Partners get reserved seating at EST shows, a free beverage at the performance and our eternal gratitude.  

Your gift in any amount helps EST thrive!

For questions about supporting EST, contact Aaron Hock, Development Manager, at or at 212.247.4982 x104.