by Paul Cameron Hardy
directed by RJ Tolan

Wed-Sat | @ 7pm  
Sat  | @ 2pm

"Mope": /mōp/ (noun): The lowest-level male performer in the adult film industry. An anonymous stunt-penis. The guy in that porno you watched who was wearing sunglasses and socks. A dreamer. Example: "Trevor is a mope."

This play contains nudity and extensive adult content

Featuring: J.Stephen Brantley†, RJ Brown, Jr, Hollye Hudson†, Eric T. Miller†, Jennifer Tsay, and Megan Tusing*†

Production Stage Manager: Leah Montesinos | Sound Designer: Emily Auciello | Scenic Designer: Angelica Borrero-Fortier | Lighting Designer: John Salutz | Costume Designer: Audrey Nauman | Props Designer: Claire Rufiange

Mope runs one hour and twenty two minutes.

*denotes Ensemble Artist
†these actors appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association