by Michael Lew

directed by Colette Robert

featuring Julie Fitzpatrick*, Ryan Karels, Julie Leedes* and Diana Ruppe*

Welcome to Stockton, CA: home of graffiti legend "Neckface" and three of the most fun, least motivated girls you've ever met.

Production Stage Managers: Eliza Jane Bowman and Michal V. Mendelson
Costume Design: Mark Richard Caswell and Danielle Schembre
Lighting Design: Ji-youn Chang and Gina Scherr
Set Design: Maiko Chii Sound Design: Christopher Rummel, Robert Gould and Hillary Charnas
Production Manager/Technical Director: Jack Blacketer
EST Season Producer: Annie Trizna
Youngblood Artistic Directors: Graeme Gillis* and R.J. Tolan*

*Denotes a member of EST.