1972 - 2003 Performances

2002 - 2003


  • Masha No Home by Lloyd Suh*
  • String Fever by Jacquelyn Reingold

Marathon of One-Act Plays 2003

Series A

  • Memento Mori by Susan Kim*
  • Of Two Minds by Billy Aronson*
  • A Blooming of Ivy by Gary Williams
  • The Honey Makers by Deborah Grimberg
  • Coda by Romulus Linney*

Series B

  • Hi There, Mr. Machine by Leslie Ayvazian*
  • The Changing of the Guard by Amy Staats*
  • Washed Up on the Potomac by Lynn Rosen*
  • Water Music by Tina Howe*
  • Woman at a Threshold Beckoning by John Guare*

2001 - 2002

EST/Sloan Project Presents: First Light 2002

  • Mainstage Production: The Secret Order by Robert Clyman, directed by Jamie Richards*
  • New World's Workshop:  Relativity  by Cassandra Medley*, directed by Talvin Wilks*
  • Mainstage Readings:
    First in Flight  a musical by David and Joseph Zellnik (based on the play "Flight" by Arthur Giron)
    String Fever  by Jacquelyn Reingold*
    Tooth & Claw  by Michael Hollinger
  • Studio Readings:
    Thread of Life  by Rita Nachtman
    Popular Science: One-Act Comedies Partition  by Ira Hauptman
    People Be Heard  by Quincy Long*
    47 Monkeys  by Kevin Fisher*
    Invasion of the Colored People  by Ellen Lewis
    Zero G  by Peter Buchman Fzzn Grrl  by Mojie Crigler
  • The Ballad of Phineas P. Gage  by Crystal Skillman*,  directed by Tessa Legih Derfner,  designed by Gretchen Van Lente

Going to the River 2002

Marathon of One-Act Plays 2002

2000 - 2001


1999 - 2000


Going to the River 2000

Marathon of One-Act Plays 2000

Series A

  • Little Airplanes of the Heart  by Steve Feffer
  • Twenty Four Years  by Leslie Ayvazian*
  • Madmen  by Romulus Linney*
  • Light Years  by Billy Aronson*

Series B

  • Polish Joke  by David Ives
  • The 17th of June  by Edward Allan Baker*
  • The Rothko Room  by Stuart Spencer*
  • Accident  by Peter Maloney*

Series C

  • Alien Boy  by Will Scheffer*
  • The Final Interrogation of Ceaucescou's Dog  by Warren Leight
  • Birth Marks  by Leslie Caputo*
  • Cannibals  by Heather Dundas
  • Proof  by Jeff Reich*

1998 - 1999


EST/Sloan Project Presents: First Light 1999

  • Mainstage Production: Tesla's Letters by Jeffery Stanley
  • New Worlds Workshops:
    Program 1: Mark Donnelly, Julie McKee*, Jeff Reich* and Cheryl Stern/ Yvonne Adrian*/Tom Kochan
    Program 2: Salty Loeb*, David Simpatico, Michael Louis Wells* and Susan Vitucci*
    Program 3: Billy Aronson* and Arthur Giron*
  • Youngblood's Eureka!  Staged Readings:
    Program A: Sharon Eberhardt, Rachel Hoeffel and Joshua Pelzek
    Program B: Amy Fox*, Jeremy Soule and Nina Steiger
    Program C: John Belluso*, S. Vasanti Saxena, Crystal Skillman*, David Zellnik*
  • Go FigureThe Inventive Plays: 52nd Street Project
  • Six2 Reading Series- By Rusty Magee*/Lewis Black*/John Rinehimer, Courtney Baron, Jamie Richards*, Elyse Singer, Jeremy Soule, Alexandra Tolk, Kathryn Walat and Matthew Wells

Going to the River 1999

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1999

1997 - 1998

American Voices

Thicker than Water

  • Woodwind Hypothesis by Sharon Eberhardt
  • A Litany of Sorrows by David Zellnik*
  • Know Stew by John Belluso*
  • Sockdology by Chistopher Shinn

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1998

1996 - 1997


  • No One Will be Immune - Five Pieces for Theatre by David Mamet*: A Sermon, Sunday Afternoon, Joseph Dintenfass, Almost Done, No One Will Be Immune

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1997

Series A

  • Cats and Dogs by Cherie Vogelstein*
  • Geiebtech by Howard Korder
  • Degas, C'est Moi by David Ives
  • Elegy for a Lady Arthur Miller

Series B

  • Slice of Life by Stuart R. Brown
  • Bel Canto by Will Scheffer*
  • Love Life Fire by Romulus Linney*
  • English (It's Where the words Are) by Peter Basch*

Series C

  • Home by Laura Cahill
  • The Observatory by Greg Germann*
  • Slide Show by Paul Selig
  • The Adoption by Joyce Carol Oates*

1995 - 1996

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1996

1994 - 1995


  • Sudden Devotion by Stuart Spencer*

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1995

Series A

  • The Wreck on the 5-25 by Thornton Wilder
  • The Ryan Interview by Arthur Miller
  • Flyboy by Yvonne Adrian*
  • Dead Man's Apartment by Edward Allen Baker*

Series B

  • Rain by Gary Williams
  • Credo by Craig Lucas
  • Water and Wine by Stuart Spencer*
  • Sonny DeRee's Life Flashes Before His Eyes by Bill Bozzone*

Series C

  • No One will Be immune by David Mamet*
  • Freud's House by Laurence Klavan*
  • Dearborn Heights by Cassandra Medley*

1993 - 1994


  • All For One by Paul Weitz*

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1994

  • Extensions by Murray Schisgal*
  • The Falling Man by Will Sheffer*
  • Dear Kenneth Blake by Jacquelyn Reingold*
  • Paradise by Romulus Linney*
  • Rosemary With Ginger by Edward Allen Baker*
  • New York Actor by John Guare*
  • Mudtracks by Regina Taylor
  • I'm With Ya, Duke by Herb Gardner*
  • Lunch With Lynn by Marsha Norman
  • Wasp by Steve Martin
  • Blood Guilty by Antoine O'Flatharta
  • The Far Flung by Julie McKee*
  • For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls by Christopher Durang*

1992 - 1993

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1993

  • Bed & Breakfast by Richard Dresser
  • Long Ago and Far Away by David Ives
  • Iron Tommy by James Ryan*
  • Jackie by David Rasche*
  • A Farewell to Mum by Julie McKee*
  • Tunnel of Love by Jacquelyn Reingold*
  • Ring of Men by Adam Oliensis
  • Fore by Frank D. Gilroy*
  • Seventh Word, fourth Syllable by Susan Kim*
  • Cosmo's In Love by Bill Bozzone*
  • The Rehearsal by Joyce Carol Oates*
  • Where's Mamie by Michael John LaChiusa

1991 - 1992


  • Big Fram Shakin' by Jim Macdonald
  • Deposing the White House by Dan Isaac
  • Stars N Bars by Lewis Black*, Rusty Magee*
  • George Washington Dances by David Margulies*
  • Korea by Bill Bozzone
  • New Living Newspaper by Avery Hart

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1992

  • Fasting by Bill Bozzone*
  • Throwing Your Voice by Craig Lucas
  • The Shallow End by Wendy MacLeod
  • What Is This Everything? by John Patrick Shanley*
  • Awoke One by Jack Agueros
  • Gulf War by Joyce Carol Oates*
  • My Side of the Story by Brian Coluboff
  • Ripples in the Pond by John Shirota
  • Scheherazade by Percy Granger*
  • Jenny Keeps Talking by Lise Erlich
  • The Onliest One Who Can't Go Nowhere by J.E. Franklin
  • Give the Bishop My Faint Regards by Frank D. Gilroy*
  • Angels in the Men's Lounge by Charles Oyamo Gordon
  • Blue Stars by Stuart Spencer*

1990 - 1991

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1991

  • Naomi In the Living Room by Christopher Durang*
  • Where Were You When It Went Down by David Mamet*
  • Intimacy adapted by Harris Yulin*
  • You Can't Trust the Male by Randy Noojin
  • A Way With Words by Frank D. Gilroy*
  • Practice by Leslie Ayvazian*
  • Face Divided by Edward Allan Baker*
  • Over Texas by Michael John LaChiusa
  • Rapid Eye Movement by Susan Kim*
  • Can Can by Romulus Linney*
  • The World at Absolute Zero by Sherry Kramer
  • Salaam, Huey Newton, Salaam by Ed Bullins
  • The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller
  • Big Al by Bryan Goluboff*

1989 - 1990


  • Briar Patch by Deborah Pryor

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1990

  • Match Point by Frank D. Gilroy*
  • Captive by Paul Weitz*
  • The Second Coming by Bill Bozzone*
  • Two War Scenes: Cross Patch & Goldberg Street by David Mamet*
  • Hamlet by Shel Silverstein*
  • The Stalwarts by Charles Oyamo Gordon
  • Eulogy for Mister Hamm by Michael John LaChiusa
  • The Eclipse by Joyce Carol Oates*
  • Mere Mortals by David Ives
  • Tonight We Love by Romulus Linney*
  • Stay Away a Little Closer by John Ford Noonan*

1988 - 1989


  • The Promise by Jose Rivera*
  • The Magic Act by Laurence Klavan*

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1989

  • Essence of Margrovia by Jenny Lombard*
  • Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise by Harry Kondoleon
  • Wink-Dah by Williams Yellow Robe, Jr.
  • Woman Floating Out A Window by Jacklyn Maddux*
  • Pathological Venus by Brighde Mullins
  • The Open Boat by Neal Bell
  • Outside the Radio by Kermit Frazier*
  • Big Frogs by David Golden
  • Water Music by Michael Erickson

1987 - 1988


  • House Arrest by Bill Bozzone*
  • Greencard by Barbara Schottenfeld*

Marathon of One-Act Plays 1988

  • Something About Baseball by Quincy Long*
  • A Poster of the Cosmos by Lanford Wilson
  • Juliet by James Ryan*
  • Door to Cuba by James Ryan*
  • Human Gravity by Stuart Spencer*
  • Mango Tea by Paul Weitz*
  • Singing Joy by Charles Oyamo Gordon
  • Diphthong by Michael B. Kaplan*
  • The Man Who Climbed



  • Dennis by James Ryan
  • Been Taken by Roger Hedden
  • The Tale of Made Zora book and lyrics by Aishah Rahman, music by Olu Dara
  • Rose Cottages by Bill Bozzone


  • Sunday Morning Vivisection by Elise Cailin
  • The Worker’s Life Brandon Cole & John Turturro
  • Blind Date by Horton Foote
  • Mink on a Gold Hook by James Ryan
  • Vanishing Act by Richard Greenberg
  • The West Side Boys Will Rock You Anytime by Shirley Kaplan
  • Comic Dialogue by Alan Zweibel
  • Terry Neal’s Future by Roger Hedden
  • Delores by Edward Allan Baker
  • Moonlight Kisses by Stuart Spencer
  • Little Feet by Shel Silverstien
  • Ma Rose by Cassandra Medley



  • The Bloodletters by Richard Greenberg
  • Once on a Summer’s Day book & lyrics by Art Perlman, Music by Jeffrey Lunden
  • The Crate by Shel Silverstein


  • The Frog Prince by David Mamet
  • Men Without Dates by Jane Willis
  • Aggressive Behavior by Stuart Spencer
  • Between Cars by Alan Zweibel
  • Road to the Graveyard by Horton Foote
  • Desperadoes by Keith Reddin
  • Life Under Water by Richard Greenberg
  • Marien’s Hammer by Roger Hedden
  • Painting a Wall by David Lan
  • One Tennis Shoe by Shel Silverstein
  • North of Providence by Edward Allan Baker
  • The Semi-Formal by Louisa Jerauld



  • To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday by Miachel Brady
  • Broken Eggs by Eduardo Machado


  • Bite the Hand by Ara Watson
  • House by Danny Cahill
  • Remember Crazy Zelda? By Shel Silverstein
  • Fine Line by Janice Van Horne
  • Slam! by Jane Willis
  • Blood Bond by Gina Barnett
  • At Home by Richard Dresser
  • Jazz by Elizabeth Albrecht
  • Been Taken by Roger Heddin
  • A Sense of Loss by Mark Malone
  • Vermont Sketches by David Mamet
  • Saxaphone Music by Bill Bozzone
  • Ariel Bright by Katharine Long
  • Raving by Paul Rudnick



  • Welcome to the Moon by John Patrick Shanley
  • The Modern Ladies of Guanabocoa by Eduardo Machado
  • The House of Ramon Iglesia by Jose Rivera


  • Touch Black by Bill Bozzone
  • The Dolphin Position by Percy Granger
  • The Survivalist by Robert Schenkkan
  • Prisoner of the Wells by Brother Jonathan Ringkamp
  • Postcards by Carol K. Mack
  • Five Unrelated Pieces by David Mamet
  • Pastoral or Recollections of Country Life by Peter Maloney
  • Eulogy by James J. Richardson
  • Cash by Stuart Spencer
  • Tender Offer by Wendy Wasserstein
  • I Love You, I Love You Not by Wendy Kessleman
  • Fast Women by Willie Reale
  • Two Hot Dogs With Everything by William Wise


Best of the Marathon

  • The Sermon by David Mamet
  • The Lady or the Tiger by Shel Silverstein
  • Dumping Ground by Elizabeth Diggs
  • Open Admissions by Shirley Lauro
  • The House Across the Street by Darrah Cloud
  • Bella Figura by Brother Jonathan Ringkamp


  • Fog by Conrad Bromberg
  • Appearances by Tina Howe
  • The Undefeated Rhumba Champ by Charles Leipart
  • The Forest Lawn Diet by James Richardson
  • The Fisher Wedding by Carol Hall
  • The Fortress of Solitude by Jeffrey M. Jones
  • Goodbye Howard by Romulus Linney
  • The Self-Begotten by John Wellman
  • Buddies by Mary Gallagher
  • Rosarios and The Gypsies by Eduardo Machado
  • Ord-Way Ames-Gay by Susan Vick
  • Kilo by Marc B. Berman
  • Class Reunion by Kermit Frazier
  • Many Happy Returns by Willie Reale
  • Routed by Jeffrey Sweet



Three from the Marathon

  • Two Part Harmoney by Katharine Long
  • El Hermano by Romulus Linney
  • Landscape with Waitress by Robert Pine
  • Father Dreams by Mary Gallagher
  • Geography of a Horse Dreamer by Sam Shepard
  • The Scented Garden by Tim Kelly


  • The Sermon by David Mamet
  • Stuck in the Pictureson a Sunday Afternoon by Bill Bozzone
  • A Public Street Marriage by Edward Allen Baker
  • The Lady or the Tiger by Shel Silverstein
  • In Cahoots by Jim Ryan
  • Down the Tubes by Brian McConnachie
  • April Offering by Elizabeth Karp
  • The Rodeo Stays in Town for at Least a Week by Jerry Stubblefield
  • The Smash by Neil Cuthbert
  • Dumping Ground by Elizabeth Diggs
  • Good Help is Hard to Find by Arthur Kopit
  • Open Admissions by Shirley Lauro
  • American Garage by Peter Maloney



  • The Perfect Stranger by Neil Cuthbert
  • Whats so Beautiful About a Sunset over Prairie Avenue by Edward Allen Baker

The Invitational

  • The Pushcart Peddlers by Murray Schisgal
  • Tennessee by Romulus Linney
  • Life Boat Drill by Tennessee Williams
  • Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It all for You by Christopher Durang
  • Shoe Shine by David Mamet
  • The Laudromat by Marsha Norman


  • On the Fritz by Lewis Black & Grace McKeaney
  • An Arrangement of Convenience by Rosemary Frisino Toohey
  • Landscape with Waitress by Robert Pine
  • Sittin’ by Brother Jonathan Ringkamp
  • The Store by Marcia Haufrecht
  • A-S-Y-L-U-M by Onaway Schange
  • Two Part Harmony by Katharine Long



  • End of the War by Vincent Canby
  • Welfare by Marcia Haufrecht
  • Three: Bicycle Boys by Peter Maloney
  • Playing Dolls by Susan Nanus
  • Buddy Pals by Neil Cuthbert


  • The Coal Diamond by Shirley Lauro
  • Lost and Found by Peter Maloney
  • First Thirty by Neil Cuthbert
  • Unseen Friends by Katharine Long
  • The Only Son by Curt Dempster
  • George and Rosemary by Robin Wagner
  • Dreams of Glory by Frank D. Gilroy
  • Touch Black by Bill Bozzone
  • Irish Coffee by M.Z. Ribalow
  • Crossing the Crab Nebula by Lewis Black
  • Lucky Star by Marcia Haufrecht
  • Vivien by Percy Granger



  • Reflections of a China Doll by Susan Merson
  • Eulogy for a Small Time Thief by Miguel Pinero
  • Mama Sang the Blues by Katherine Cortex
  • Innocent Pleasures by Arthur Giron


  • Split by Michael Weller
  • Pieces by Bill Cwikowski
  • The Daugther of Her Country by Vincent Canby
  • Auntie Hamlet by Dan Isaac
  • Playing Dolls by Susan Nanus
  • Last Rite for Snow White by Robin Wagner
  • Dotty the Dribbly Doodlin Dame by Dimo Condos
  • Bicycle Boys/Marathon Man by Peter Maloney
  • Caveat Emptor by Betta Shafran
  • From Whom It May Concern by Conrad Bromberg
  • Déjà Vu by Curt Dempster
  • Jericho’s Wall by Charles Oyamo Gordon
  • Blackout by Martin Sherman
  • Buddy Pals by Neil Cuthbert
  • Those Summer Nights When the Dark Comes Late by John Ford Noonan
  • Waiting for Mickey and Ava by Irene Dailey
  • A Traveling Companion by Anthony McKay



  • The Contest by Shirley Lauro
  • Goodbye and Keep Cold by John Ford Noonan
  • An Evening with Two Actresses by Barbara Tarbuck & Susan Merson



  • The Shortchanged Review by Michael Dorn Moody
  • Getting Through the Night by John Ford Noonan
  • Possession by Lyle Kessler
  • Adam’s Rib by Adam Keefe
  • Money by Arthur Giron
  • The Soft Touch by Neil Cuthbert



  • The Dog Ran Away by Brother Jonathan Ringkimp
  • Parades Shall Follow by Don Marcus & Gary Nebiol
  • Amnesia by Michael Shaffer
  • The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie by Albert Innaurato
  • Dream of a Blacklisted Actor by Conrad Bromberg
  • New Music (the work of eight composers)



  • Studs Edsel by Percy Granger
  • Lost Jazz by John Ford Noonan
  • Natural Sounds by Kirk Nurock
  • Mimosa Piduca & Michigan South by Curt Dempster
  • Actors & At Home by Conrad Bromberg
  • You Didn’t Have to Tell Me by Brother Jonathan Ringkamp

Vermont Summer Festival

  • The Dog Ran Away by Brother Jonathan Ringkamp
  • Parades Shall Follow by Don Marcus & Gary Nebiol
  • Mopo Dopo by Crispin Larangeira
  • Older People by John Ford Noonan



  • Present Tense by Frank D. Gilroy

  • Please Be Kind by Frank D. Gilroy
  • Twas Brillig by Frank D. Gilroy
  • Come Next Tuesday by Frank D. Gilroy
  • Three from Jimmy Ray’s by John Ford Noonan, William Devane, Angelo Gnazzo

Vermont Summer Festival

  • The Current Rage by Carol Roper
  • Actors by Conrad Bromberg
  • Mimosa Pudica by Curt Dempster
  • Where Do We Go From Here by John Ford Noonan
  • Alas in Winderkind by Don Marcus & Gary Nebiol