The Louis Slotin Sonata

Written by Paul Mullin*
Directed by David P. Moore*

April 8-28, 2001

Featuring: Bill Salyers, Ezra Knight, Bill Cwikowksi*,  Joel Rooks*, Allyn Burrows*, Matthew Lawler, Richmond Hoxie* and Amy Love*.

Set Design: Rchael Hauck
Lighting Design: Greg MacPherson
Costume Design: Amela Baksic
Sound Design: Rob Gould
Stage Manager: James W. Carringer
Assistant Stage Manager/Design Assistant: Pippa Allen
Associate Producer: Sarah Elkashef
Props and Wardrobe: Petol Weekes
Choreographer: Kathryn Gayner
Assistant Director: Melanie S. Armer
Production Manager: Timothy L. Gallagher* 
Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi* 
Program Director, EST/Sloan Project: Chris Smith* 
Associate Program Director, EST/Sloan Project: J. Holtham*

*Denotes a member of EST