Going To The River 2002


A Celebration of African-American Women Playwrights

July 2, 2002 at 7:00pm

With 10 Minute Excerpts from:

  • Miss Hannah  by Joe tanner
  • Victim  by Tosha Brown
  • Silence of the Mambo  by France-Luce Benson
  • "Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Honor"  by Cori Thomas
  • Tillers  by Fannie Green
  • TBA  by P.J. Gibson
  • Place Settings  by Lee Hunkins
  • Reverend  by Joyce Sylvester
  • English Chanel  by Martie-Evans Charles
  • Visit or Days by t. tara turk

Directors: Jamal Williams, Judith Delgado, Billie Allen, Chuck Patterson, Pat White, ka'ramuu kush, and more!

Actors:  Janine Carter, Justin Lord, Sharon Hope, Patrick Rameau, Ed Blunt, Chantal Georges, Gregor Manns, Stephanie berry, Petronia Paley, Dean Irby, Kim Sullivan, Jack Landron, April Parker, and more!

Stage Directions: Jacqueline Sutton