Going To The River 2000

February 12th - 20th, 2000

The Shaneequa Chronicles  by Stephanie Berry 

Lost Creek Township  by Charlotte A. Gibson 

Notes of a Negro Neurotic  by Nancy Giles 

Talking Bones  by Shay Youngblood 

Five Rooms of Furniture  by Dhana-Marie Branton 

Silence of the Mambo  by France-Luc Benson 

If Eve Left  by T. Tara Turk

Panel:  Our Common Ground: A Celebration of Our Triumphs and a Look into Our Future,  moderated by Elizabeth Van Dyke and Jamie Richards with Linda Chapman, Nancy Giles, Linda Herring, Cassandra Medley, Elizabeth McCann, Vernell Lilly, and Wendy Streeter