Marathon Of One-Act Plays 1998

Performances: May 6-17, 1998

Series A

Dream by Billy Aronson*
Directed by: Jamie Richards*
Featuring: Joanna P. Adler and Peter Lewis

The Hundred Penny Box by Barbara Sundstrom, adapted from the book by Sharon Bell Mathis
Directed by: Woodie King, Jr.
Featuring: Chad Tucker, Sarallen, Denise Burse and Kim Sullivan

Killing Hand by David Zellnik*
Directed by: Chris Smith*
Featuring: Sylvia Kelegian, Ted Neustadt*, Jason Kolotourous, Grant James Valjas and Chris Lutkin*

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach by Paul Rudnick
Directed by: Christopher Ashley

Set Design: Austin K. Sanderson
Costume Design and Dialect Coach: Amela Baksic
Lighting Design: Greg MacPherson* 
Sound Design: Laura Grace Brown

*Denotes member of EST

Series B

Donut Holes in Orbit by Prince Gomolvilas
Directed by: Charles Karchmer*
Featuring: Wai Ching Ho, Prince Whitthorne, Jina Oh and Barney Cheng

The Trio by Shel Silverstein*
Directed by: Art Wolff*
Featuring: Laurence Luckinbill*, Janet Zarish*, Elizabeth Page, Joyce Feurring, Suzanne Hevner and Patricia McCurdy

How to Plant a Rose by Elizabeth Diggs*
Directed by: Mark Roberts*
Featuring: Delphi Harrington* and Bronwyn Maloney

Scrapple by Jennifer Mattern
Directed by: Susann Brinkley
Featuring: Molly Price and William Wise*

Producer: Mark Roberts* 
Production Manager: Tim Gallagher* 
Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi
Lighting Design: Greg MacPherson* 
Set Design: Ted Simpson* 
Costume Design: Sally Kruteck
Sound Design: Laura Brown
Props Master: Ed Miller

*Denotes member of EST

Series C

Prelude to a Crisis by Ari Roth
Directed by: Mark Nelson
Featuring:Melinda Paige Hamilton* and Greg Germann*

Plan Day by Leslie Ayvazian*
Directed by: Curt Dempster*

The Jade Mountain by David Mamet*
Directed by: Curt Dempster*
Featuring: Patricia Mauceri*, Joseph Siravo*, Shelton Dane and James DeMarse*

Mary MacGregor by Keith Alan Benjamin*
Directed by: Joe White
Featuring: Anne O'Sullivan* and Andrew Weems

*Denotes member of EST