“A powerful mix of big issues and personal ethics. ‘Informed Consent’ is salted with laugh-out-loud moments as well as raw emotional ones.  It’s a short run, so see it.”

Kathleen Campion
Front Row Center

“Fascinates and provokes thought. A play that has at its core an important and timely debate. There are some fine performances particularly from DeLanna Studi who brings quiet gravitas to her portrayal of Arella and from Jesse J. Perez.”

Andy Propst
American Theatre Web

“Thought-provoking drama, ’Informed Consent’ takes a hard look at a tough ethical issue and is not found wanting in what it presents. Benko is excellent.”

Judd Hollander
Epoch Times

“This ambitious, new work by Deborah Zoe Laufer...offers much food for thought. The science is quite fascinating and the conflicts exceedingly relevant.”

Michael Dale

“A Compelling Take on Science Vs. Religion … told with light humor … sure to provoke discussion The always exceptional Tina Benko adds another memorable performance to her New York credits. DeLanna Studi is excellent.”

Brendan Lemon
Financial Times

“Myth collides with science in this compelling drama.”

Joe Dziemianowicz
Daily News

“Thoughtful and theatrical.  Benko’s rich and assured performance anchors the production. The whole ensemble, which includes, Jesse J. Perez and Myra Lucretia Taylor, lends fine support.”

Roma Torre
“On Stage” NY1 News