Ensemble Studio Theatre is once again BOWLING FOR DOLLARS!  Here's how it works:

  • You sponsor your favorite bowlers for a set amount per point.
  • EST goes bowling on April 24th!
  • We'll tell you your sponsored bowlers' best-of-two-games score, and your total donation!

Sponsor as many bowlers for as much or as little as you would like - two bucks a point, ten cents a point, everything helps! If your cumulative pledges total over $1 per point, you'll get a special invite to join us on April 24th to cheer your bowlers on!

All donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds support the operations of Ensemble Studio Theatre and our commitment to supporting artists throughout their creative lives!

Questions? Please contact our Development Manager, Aaron Hock at: ahock@estnyc.org

Who's Bowling:

Will Arbery
Rachel Berger
Pamela Berlin
Lydia Blaisdell
Eddie Boroevich
William Carden
Erin Cherry
Eric Conger
Curran Connor
Helen Coxe
Tommy Crawford
Will Dagger
Harrison Densmore
Julia Doolittle
Jeanne Dorsey
Linsay Firman
Nick Francone
Lynnette R. Freeman
Abigail Gampel

Gracie Gardner
Eli Gelb
David Gelles
Graeme Gillis
Dan Giles
Cary Gitter
Cleo Gray
Randy Lee Hartwig
Aaron Hock
Lily Houghton
Bob Jaffe
Jill Jaffe
Rich Kelley
Eileen Lalley
Eric Lane
Quincy Long
Thomas Lyons
Ken Mandel
Tyler Mandel

Andrew Massey
Dawn McGee
Sarah McLellan
Carolyn Mignini
Bobby Moreno
Lawton Paseka
Jay Patterson
Jack Plowe
Nina Pratt
Shawn Randall
Colette Robert
Robert Ross Parker
Samantha Sembler
Kristin Slaney
Mike Smith Rivera
RJ Tolan
Zoe Van Tieghem
Michael Walek
Nick Ward

Don't see your bowler? Don't fret! Write them in anyway, this list is still being updated regularly!

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Who are You Sponsoring?
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Sponsor your chosen bowler for a certain amount per point they score! For instance, if you pledge $0.25 per point and your bowler scores an 85, your total donation would be 85 x $0.25 = $21.25!
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