Wednesday, 11/7 - 7PM
Friday, 11/9 - 9PM
SATURDAY, 11/10 - 4PM

Series C includes plays written by Karina Billini, Gillian Beth Durkee, Andrew Massey, Megan Chan Meinero, Mona Pirnot, & Lizzie Stern.

Mongoose City

written by Karina Billini, directed by Anna Lathrop
featuring Waymon Arnette, David Jackson+, & Sade Namei+

Oh, Allan!

written by Gillian Beth Durkee, directed by Kel Haney*
featuring Margot Avery*+, Hanna Cheek*+, & Allyson Morgan*+

Welcome Back, Julia

written by Andrew Massey, directed by Michael Leibenluft
featuring Kelly Anne Burns*+, Mikumari Caiyhe+, Nia Calloway, Jim Murtaugh*+, & Erin Roché+

Treason & Other Ways To Say I Love You

written by Megan Chan Meinero, directed by Janio Marrero
featuring Sarah Chalfie, Dave Gelles*+, & Tommy Heleringer+

Mary Poppins

written by Mona Pirnot, directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker
featuring Carolyn Mignini*+, Mike Smith Rivera*+, & Lilli Stein+

They Thought It Was Funny.

written by Lizzie Stern, directed by Molly Clifford
featuring Helen Coxe*+, Jack Farrell, & Richard Thieriot+

+denotes member of Actors Equity Association
*denotes EST Member Artist