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Bloodworks 2015

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Tue 5/19 @ 8:30 PM at Primary Stages
Kora and Minnie are best friends. And honor students. And are plotting something involving a lot of money and a little blood. When their volatile relationship is threatened by Minnie's friendship with awkward YouTube sensation Megan, all bets are off. In the tradition of Heathers and The Virgin Suicides, Honors Students asks one question: who will survive?

Wed 5/20 @ 8:00 PM at Primary Stages
"EMPATHITRAX" by Ana Nogueira
It's the near future and a young couple is having some relationship problems. A perky deliver boy arrives with a pill that may offer a solution to all their romantic woes. But all solutions come with their own side effects and can a pill really make two people fall back in love?

Tue 5/26 @ 8:00 at Primary Stages
"TWO WOMEN" by Michael Walek
Sam and Eve just met. Samantha and Evelyn are divorcing. One couple. Four actors. Ten years.

Wed 5/27 @ 8:00 at Primary Stages
"BRIEF CHRONICLE (BOOKS 6-9)" by Alexander Borinsky
A fantasia on optimism and terrorism, mothers and sons, turtles and Mexican food. Have you ever had a crush on someone who frightens you a bit? Me too. (An excerpt from a continuing history of the Late Empire period in U.S. history.)

Monday 6/1 @ 7:00pm at Threes Brewing
"Untitled Antarctica Play" by Cory Finley
A trio of young marine biology research assistants jockey for power on the world's coldest and loneliest continent..

Tuesday 6/2 @ 9:00 at Threes Brewing
"Two Mile Hollow" by Leah Nanako Winkler

Wednesday 6/3 @ 7pm on EST's 6th Floor
"Miss Authenticity" by Kim Davies
A monologue in which Lena Dunham has an existential crisis after being accused of racism after the first season of "Girls," except that Lena Dunham, white and female and twenty-something, is portrayed by a performer who isn't.

Wednesday 6/3 @ 9pm on EST's 6th Floor
"I Gained Five Pounds"  by Chiara Atik
Decca wakes up one morning 5 pounds heavier, and everything is different....

Monday 6/8 @7:00pm at Threes Brewing
The Drought Tank by Emily Chadick Weiss

Mon 6/15 @ 7:00 PM at Threes Brewing
DANCE NATION by Clare Barron

Tue 6/16 at Threes Brewing
7:00 PM HELLO, MY NAME IS by Jahna Ferron-Smith
9:00 PM BEST FRIEND by Christopher Sullivan

Wed 6/17 at EST, 6th Floor
7:00 PM FOUR WALLS MAKE A FAMILY by Paul Cameron Hardy
9:00 PM WHO WE LET IN by Charly Evon Simpson

Mon 6/22 @ 7:00 PM, at Threes Brewing
ST. LOUIS TO NEW YORK, AUGUST 2013 by Lucy Gillespie   

Wed 6/24 at EST on the 6th Floor
7:00pm DIDO IN IDAHO by Abby Rosebrock
9:00 PM SHITLOADS OF MONEY by Brendan Hill

Mon 6/29on EST's 6th Floor
7:00 pm: STRANGE MEN by Will Snider
9:00 pm: THE TRIPLE THREAT by Patrick Link & Eric March

Tues 6/30 At Threes Brewing
7:00 PM APOCALYPSE RADIO by Lydia Blaisdell
9:00 PM FOR WANT OF A HORSE by Olivia Dufault