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Going to the River 2006

Walking Women
by Cassandra Medley*

Raising the Bar: The Sadie Alexander Story
by Jo Tanner

Formerly Known As Sarah
by Joyce Griffen

On The Way to Timbucktoo
by Petronia Paley

Wild Black-Eyed Susans
by Kara Lee Corthron

Salt In A Wound
by Melissa Maxwell

The M Odyssey
y P.J. Gibson

choreographed by Dyane Harvey

My Secret Language of Wishes
by Cori Thomas

Producing Artistic Director: Elizabeth Van Dyke

Co-Producers: Jamie Richards and Graeme Gillis

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to May 14

Relativity By Cassandra Medley


Written by Cassandra Medley*
Directed by Talvin Wilks*

April 26-May 14, 2006

Race and science collide in Cassandra Medley's trenchant new drama. Claire is a melanin scientist. She believes people of color are genetically superior -- physically, mentally, in every way. Her daughter Kalima, a molecular geneticist at Johns Hopkins, knows otherwise, but to discredit her mother would destroy the relationship that each woman values the most. Forced to choose between science and family, between her future and her family, Kalima must decide where her loyalties lie.

Cast & Creative

Featuring: Melanie Nicholls-King*, Anthony Craine, Elain Graham, Petronia Paley*, and Kim Sullivan

Set and Lighting Design: Maruti Evans
Costume Design: Clint Ramos
Sound Design: Graham Johnson
Multi-Media Design: Maya Ciarrocchi
Props Master: Mary Vorrasi
Production Stage Manager: Renee Blinkwolt
Assistant Stage Manager: Sean Thorne
Casting: The Orpheus Group
Producer: Carlos Armesto
Co-Producer: Elizabeth Van Dyke*
Line Producer: John Pinckard
EST/Sloan Program Directors: Carlos Armesto & Graeme Gillis*

*Denotes a member of EST

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to Mar 19

The Traveling Lady By Horton Foote

The Traveling Lady By Horton Foote*

Directed by Marion Castleberry

March 1-19, 2006

The first New York revival of The Traveling Lady was presented in association with Baylor University.

A new version of the legendary play that helped to launch a Pulitzer Prize-winning career.

Cast & Creative

Featuring: Lynn Cohen*, Stan Denman, Frank Girardeau*, Margot White, Quincy Confoy, Rochelle Oliver, Carol Goodheart, Alice McLane, Jamie Bennett and Matthew Conlon.

Assistant Director: Daniel Inouye
Set Design: Maruti Evans
Costume Design: Maggie Lee-Burdorff
Sound Design: Graham Johnson
Lighting Design: Jason Jeunnette
Stage Manager: Angrette McCloskey
Producer: Peter Marsh
Associate Producers: Robert Askins* and Marco Jo Clate

*Denotes a member of EST


"Vivid...Glowing...A Knockout" - Stark Young


Talkback Event to Benefit the Ensemble Studio Theater: March 19, 2006

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to Jan 16

Mountains In The Bering By Sean Sutherland

Mountains in the Bering
Written by Sean Sutherland*

Directed by Deborah Hedwall*

January 10-16, 2006

Set on a factory fishing trawler off the Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea, in a six man bunkroom. What happens when one of the crew goes missing sixteen hours out to sea.

Cast & Creative

Featuring: Chris Drescher, Michael Esper, Reggie Huc, Salvatore Inzerillo, Jurgen Jones, and Ryan King
Set Design: Shawn Lewis
Lighting Design: Jason Jeunnette
Sound Design: Brian Hallas
Assistant Director: Katya Campbell
Stage Manager: Robert Askins*
Assistant Stage Manager: Karen Lehman
Producer: Pete Marsh
*Denotes a member of EST

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to Dec 23

Klonsky And Schwartz By Romulus Linney

Klonsky and Schwartz
Written by Romulus Linney*

Directed by Jamie Richards*

November 28 - December 23, 2005

A play about the legendary American poet Delmore Schwartz

Klonsky and Schwartz, a humorous and provocative play, evokes the creative life of the mercurial and gifted poet Delmore Schwartz who rose to fame during the mid-20th century artistic and political ferment in New York City. In Linney's play, Milton Klonsky, Delmore Schwartz's life-long artistic partner and protégé fights to rescue his troubled mentor and friend in the turbulent times of the 1960s.

Cast & Creative

Starring: Chris Ceraso* and William Wise*
Set and Lighting Design: Maruti Evans
Costume Design: Amela Baksic
Sound Design: Graham Johnson
Production Stage Manager: Paige Van Den Burg
Stage Manager: Jeremy Wilcox
Producer: Carlos Armesto
Line Producer: Peter Marsh
*Denotes a member of EST

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