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Memberfest: The House of Piñatas


The House of Piñatas

written by Kathryn Grant
directed by Ed Setrakian*

featuring Will Dagger, Jacqueline Knapp , Carla Brandberg, Steven Hauk, Margaret Ladd, & David Gelles Hurwitz*

Dabney Hutchins, a 35-year-old man living in the Poconos has a good life. He is a popular and beloved figure in the many organizations that make up the civic life in the Poconos. He works as a desk clerk for the Red Roof Inn, he volunteers as an EMT and sells the great folk art of the Poconos on his website, Dabney’s Pocono Treasures. Only one thing. His mom, Judy is not happy with the fact that he may be gay. Or let’s just say that he is not straight. So Judy convinces him to try out Living Waters, a “reparative therapy” operation that just put out its shingle. In an abandoned mall in the Poconos, in the old “House of Piñatas,” newly minted Living Waters’ therapist, Dr. Margaret Fullerton, leads her clients through an identity-bleaching process as her mentor, Dr. Charles Harbison, watches behind a two-way mirror. But their latest client, Dabney fails to get it, so the therapists pull out all the stops in a ritualistic Aztec ceremony designed to purge the urge vis-à-vis some carefully orchestrated whacks of the piñata stick. But when Dabney’s high school crush and his mother show up for this bizarre coming of age ritual, things become unhinged and a full-out brawl ensues. When the smoke clears, the masks have fallen away, the operators are revealed and the stage is set for new beginnings for all the players.

No Tickets Required

*Denotes EST Member Artist