Special Event: Game Theorist Debraj Ray Joins Playwright Carla Ching and Medical Watchdog Ivan Oransky on Saturday, April 5 to Discuss Game Theory, Deception, and FAST COMPANY

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After this Saturday’s 2:00 PM matinee performance of FAST COMPANYDebraj Ray, Professor of Economics at New York University, will join playwright Carla Ching to discuss the play, game theory, and the psychology of the con. Dr. Ivan Oransky, VP and global editorial director of MedPage Today, and founder of Embargo Watch, will moderate the discussion. 

We are very excited about the line-up for this last talkback discussion about FAST COMPANY:

Carla Ching's plays include TBA; The Sugar House at the Edge of the Wilderness; Dirty; Big Blind/Little Blind; and The Two Kids That Blow Sh-t Up. As a teaching artist, she’s worked for The New Victory Theater, Lincoln Center Institute, The Public Theater, The Women’s Project, TDF, American Place Theater and Young Playwrights. Carla is currently a staff writer on USA’s Graceland and is working on a Crossroads commission for South Coast Rep, where FAST COMPANY had its initial run last October.

Debraj Ray is Silver Professor on the Faculty of Arts and Science, and Professor of Economics at New York University. He works in the areas of development economics and game theory. He received the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching at Stanford and the Gittner Award for Teaching Excellence at Boston University. Ray's textbook, Development Economics (Princeton University Press) was described by The Chronicle of Higher Education as "a revolutionary textbook that takes the field by storm."

Ivan Oransky, M.D., is vice president and global editorial director of MedPageToday, co-founder of Retraction Watch, and founder of Embargo Watch. He teaches medical journalism at New York University’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program and is vice president of the Association of Health Care Journalists.  He has also kindly served as moderator for talkbacks for the EST/Sloan production of Headstrong and was a panelist for the October 2013 Artist Cultivation Event.  

For some pre-performance background on the creation of FAST COMPANY, this year's EST/Sloan Mainstage Production, read an interview with playwright Carla Ching.

Click here to grab your ticket for Saturday's 2:00 matinee!

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