"ISAAC'S EYE is Piercing" & "Clearly Hnath is a talent to watch...." - Huffington Post


Michael Giltz from The Huffington Post wrote a great review of Isaac's Eye entitled, "Isaac's Eye Is Piercing." Read some excerpts below.

"Hnath is so good in this first act I was certain I was watching one of the best plays of the year, even though it's only February. The four-person cast and director Linsay Firman were perfectly in sync with his skill, which is exactly what happens when good actors combine with good writing."

"I can strongly recommend Isaac's Eye for an excellent ensemble molded beautifully by their director. And clearly Hnath is a talent to watch, one good enough to make the exceptional promise of the first act shine much brighter than the modest let-down of the second."

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