"Funky, stylized, distinctly contemporary. ISAAC'S EYE wins a whole mess of points for originality." - Charles Isherwood, New York Times


Charles Isherwood reviewed Isaac's Eye in today's New York Times! Here is some of what he had to say in his piece entitled, Newton's New Vison.

“Don’t you give points for originality?” Isaac Newton asks of his would-be mentor, a more senior scientist named Robert Hooke, in “Isaac’s Eye,” a new play by Lucas Hnath at the Ensemble Studio Theater.
He doesn’t get the answer he wants. Turns out originality doesn’t count for all that much in the world of 17th-century science. Then as now, a fresh idea that proves false won’t get you too far.

In playwriting things are a bit different, happily for Mr. Hnath. “Isaac’s Eye” wins a whole mess of points for its originality. This odd little jeu d’esprit about the history of science considers immortal matters like male rivalry and overweening ambition from a willfully skewed perspective."

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