It's a busy week in FIRST LIGHT! Kicking it off is PLUTO by Bridgette Wimberly on Friday 2/22 @ 7pm. Then on Sunday 2/24 at 4pm its THE HUNDRED YEAR FLOOD by Meghan Deans & on Monday 2/25 at 7pm we have FATHER UNKNOWN by Daniel Reitz. All FREE & on 6fl!


Pluto by Bridgette Wimberly*

Friday, February 22 @ 7pm

Astronomy proves to be a lifeline for young man in his quest to survive his youth and connect to his troubled father.

Directed by Chuck Patterson* with Franceli Chapman, Nora Cole, Marcus Carl Franklin, Yvette Ganier, Kimberley LaMarque, Roscoe Orman & Samantha Sembler.


The Hundred Year Flood by Meghan Deans

Sunday, February 24 @ 4pm

A civil engineer in charge of deciding which flood-ruined homes to buy for a land reclamation project finds her task complicated when her high school boyfriend comes back to town and files a claim for the house he grew up in.

Directed by Colette Robert* with Helen Coxe*, Christine Farrell*, Adam Green, Kelli Lynn Harrison*, Megan Hill* & Megan Tusing*


Father Unknown by Daniel Reitz*

Monday, February 25 @ 7pm

When two different families discover their newborns have come from the same sperm donor, they delve deeper into his history, with unexpected results. A surprising look at the booming business of fertility.

Directed by Pamela Berlin* with Andrea Cirie, Annie Meisel, Henny Russell, Margot White & Gregory Woodell. Stage Directions read by Samantha Sembler.

*denotes EST Member +denotes AEA


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