Upcoming Memberfest, BREATHING ASH

Mountain View

A Memberfest Reading of


Written by Tom Minter
Directed by Christopher Burris

Presented by Ensemble Artist Bob Jaffe*

Featuring Christine Campbell, Brandon Carter, Chris Ceraso*, W. Tre Davis, Lila Donnolo, Evander, Duck, Jr., Stephen Hill, Bob Jaffe*, Lou Liberatore*, André Montgomery, and Dan Ziskie*

Stage Manager - Clarissa Marie Ligon

Imagine... a Republican President utilizing an approaching date for re-ratification of the Voting Rights Act to bait the Senate into arguing themselves into gridlock, and spiraling into defining what, exactly, is "American". 

Imagine... a young black youth does right by his father, while falling foul of society; a leading black minister finds his flock far from shepherded, and an omnivorous media machine amplifies acts of vandalism and outrage as the beginnings of an onslaught against the fabric of society, inciting a wider Public to comprehend it as "home grown terrorism" - while the military and law enforcement meld to utilize the infrastructure of 24/7 neighborhood surveillance to vet updated profile definitions of "terrorists".

BREATHING ASH imagines the result of possibilities...

Join us for this Memberfest reading on Tuesday, October 25th at 4pm.

Ensemble Studio Theatre
545 W52nd St
New York, NY 10019

*Denotes Ensemble Artist