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The Dawn Of Brunch

There comes a time when we all have to wonder, where did we come from? Where did this all start?  This month, our Youngblood writers tackle origin stories - from Krypton to the Garden of Eden.  

Join us Sunday, October4th at 12:30pm for bacon, eggs pancakes and of course (youngb)bloody marys. Then stay tuned for brand new ten minute plays:

Paul is busy, you may be interrupting
by Chiara Atik

directed by Liz Carlson

Got To, Got To 
by Jahna Ferron-Smith

Directed by Courtney Ulrich

Lizard Brain
by Cory Finley

directed by Nicole Ricciardi

The Sorrows of Young Clooney Chapter Five: The Facts of Life 
by Brendan Hill 

directed by Morgan Gould 

by Leah Nanako Winkler

directed by RJ Tolan*