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Tooth And Claw By Michael Hollinger By Michael Hollinger

Tooth And Claw By Michael Hollinger
By Michael Hollinger

Directed by Dave P. Moore

April 12th - May 2nd, 2004

Biologist Schuyler Baines arrives in the Galapagos Islands to run the Darwin Research Center, full of ideas and the best intentions. When she becomes aware of an exploding black market that threatens to destroy the islands' fragile ecosystem, Schuyler shuts the industry down, sparking a deadly, survival-of-the-fittest conflict with native fishermen. A compelling exploration- based on actual events- of evolution, extinction, and the ever-present nature of Darwin's 'struggle for life.

featuring Gloria Biegler, Steven Crossley, Flora Diaz, Jo Jo Gonzales, Sebastian LaCause, Ruben Luque, Nathan Perez, Anthony Ruiz, Joaquin Torres and Noel Velez

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7:00 PM19:00

First Light 2004

New World Workshops

Days of Happiness
by Arthur Giron*

directed by David Shookhoff*

The Monkey Room
by Kevin Fisher*

directed by Mark Roberts*

L'Ornitotero: The Bird Machine
by Carlo Adinolfi* and Renee Phillipi


Staged Readings

Paradise of Earthworms
by David Valdes Greenwood

Scientific Shorts commissioned
by the Guthrie Theater

by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

directed by Kirsten Berkman


R&D Reading Series

Girl Science
by Larry Loebell

The Bones of Giants
by Cheryl L. Davis

Twin Primes
by Alex Lewin

Progress in Flying
by Lynn Rosen*



Science is a Cabaret: The Lighter Side of Science 

Featuring songs by Christopher Belden*, Yvonne Adrian*, Cheryl Stern and Tom Kochan

Gutenberg! The Musical! 
by Scott Brown and Anthony King

directed by Charlie Todd

*Denotes member of EST

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