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First Light 2004

New World Workshops

Days of Happiness
by Arthur Giron*

directed by David Shookhoff*

The Monkey Room
by Kevin Fisher*

directed by Mark Roberts*

L'Ornitotero: The Bird Machine
by Carlo Adinolfi* and Renee Phillipi


Staged Readings

Paradise of Earthworms
by David Valdes Greenwood

Scientific Shorts commissioned
by the Guthrie Theater

by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

directed by Kirsten Berkman


R&D Reading Series

Girl Science
by Larry Loebell

The Bones of Giants
by Cheryl L. Davis

Twin Primes
by Alex Lewin

Progress in Flying
by Lynn Rosen*



Science is a Cabaret: The Lighter Side of Science 

Featuring songs by Christopher Belden*, Yvonne Adrian*, Cheryl Stern and Tom Kochan

Gutenberg! The Musical! 
by Scott Brown and Anthony King

directed by Charlie Todd

*Denotes member of EST

Later Event: January 30
Roulette By Paul Weitz*