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Old MacDonald Had A Brunch

In Youngblood brunch history, we have done many foolhardy, some would say dumb, things. There was the nudity brunch (we called it NAKED BRUNCH!), the pirate brunch (CAP'N BRUNCH, anyone?), and the time we did a political brunch in a swing state (COLUMBRUNCH, OHIO! See what we did there?). All in the name of breakfast-based theatre art.

Nothing will ever be as dumb as what we do this Sunday. We give you the

Live Animal Brunch.

Featuring new plays by Clare Barron, Patrick Link, Eric March, Willie Orbison and Abby Rosebrock.

Five brand new short plays, each one featuring a real live animal.  Will they behave?  Can the actors avoid being critically upstaged?  Is a short play that depends on a live animal even dramaturgically feasible? 


Pancakes and bacon start at 12:30

New plays start at 1pm

by Clare Barron

with Clare Barron and Haskell King*

A Rare Breed Indeed
by Patrick Link

directed by Colette Robert*
with Denny Dale Bess*, Kelly Anne Burns*, Curran Connor*, Kelli Lynn Harrison*, Olivia Henderson, Dawn McGee*, Turna Mete, Max Tolan and Jenny Zerke

The Dog
by Eric March 

directed by Kel Haney* 
with Merissa Czyz and Jonathan Randell Silver* 

Thanksgiving, 2115
by Willie Orbison 

directed by Matt Dickson* 
with Brad Anderson, Katherine Folk-Sullivan and Shawn Randall* 

Dido & Aeneas
by Abby Rosebrock

directed by John Giampietro*
with Madeleine Bundy, Curran Connor*, Layla Khoshnoudi, Emily Kunkel and Zac Moon 

*indicates Ensemble Artist