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32nd Annual Marathon of One-Act Plays: Series B

by Laura Jacqmin

directed by Dan Bonnell*
with Edward Boroevich*+, W. Tre Davis+, Brynne Morrice, Amy Staats*+ and Megan Tusing*+

During Private Margaret Jensen's airborne training, something goes horribly wrong - and she won't let her CO forget it. A play with a parachute.

by David Auburn*

directed by Harris Yulin*
with Debbie Lee Jones*+, David Rasche*+ and Diana Ruppe*+

A young woman confronts the political operative whom she believes destroyed her father's career.

by Rachel Bonds

directed by Linsay Firman*
with Edward Boroevich*+, Julie Fitzpatrick*+, Jerry Richardson+ and Claire Siebers

While grappling with a significant loss, Penelope attempts to function in a world that seems to speed ahead without her; as she embarks on the beginnings of a new relationship, she confronts the promises of time pushing forward and the persistent tug of memories left behind.

Interviewing Miss Davis
by Laura Maria Censabella*

directed by Kel Haney
with Delphi Harrington*+, Claire Siebers and Adria Vitlar+

NYC, mid-1980s. Bette Davis--Miss Davis to you--is post-stroke and recovering nicely, thank you. She's even acting again. But all goes south when she discovers her beloved assistant Jacqueline is leaving her for good, and a new girl has the audacity to take her place. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night...

They Float Up
by Jacquelyn Reingold*

directed by Michael Barakiva
with William Jackson Harper*+ and Kellie Overbey*+

A white woman of a certain age, buys a young, African-American man a drink, or two, then asks if he'll pay a dollar to see her tits. Will he? A funny-sad play about topless dancing in New Orleans, getting old in the Finger Lakes, and how to move on after you've lost what you most love.

* denotes EST Member +appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Marathon 2010 Series B is an Equity-Approved Showcase.