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Memberfest 2010/2011

An Hour With Bernard Madoff
by Conrad Bromberg*

Friday April 1 at 7pm

featuring David Margulies* and Polly Adams*

A Scream
by Gina Barnett*

Tuesday, March 29 at 7pm

directed by Isaac Klein with Gabriel King, Michael Lluberes, Vayu O'Donnell & Christy Pusz

It's 2004. A down-on-his luck art dealer is given what he assumes to be a copy of Edvard Munch's recently stolen painting "The Scream." He tosses it, only to be unwittingly ensnared in a Homeland Security sting surrounding the iconic painting. A Scream, an artsy farcey where motherland security, politics, sex and art happily collide.


Tuesday, March 29 at 7pm

Manhattan Five is a staged reading of six short plays written by members of the Manhattan Play Group, a women's playwriting group one of whose members is Linda Faigao-Hall, EST Member Playwright.

by Adelma Park

directed by Nancy Robillard
with Judith Roberts & Dan Haughey

A well educated, older woman on the verge of 80 seeks the one thing she's never had: Sex. Thus, she goes about trying to solve that problem only to find the old gas station owner has loved her for years. Are they too different or does love prevail

by Susan Barsky

directed by Nancy Robillard
with Daniel Haughey, Jeffrey Guyton & Ben Williams

In a bar, spies meet to exchange information.

THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL ME MAKES ME STRANGER (Three pieces from the solo show) written & performed by Judith Greentree

directed by Julie Kramer

Short pieces about aging & invisible women (with some exceptions).

by P.H. Lin

directed by Rachel Dart
with Shawn Randall, Jennifer Gawlik & Emilie Soffe

On a beach, located within the perimeter of a military installation, two soldiers reflect on War, and their assignments.

by Jean Reynolds

directed by Alan Wynroth
with Diane Love & Margo McKee

Two ex-stewardesses wait for a train which will take them to a reunion with former co-workers. Will they get to the reunion or will revelations regarding the past derail their trip?

The Groaning Board
by Wendy MacLeod

Thursday, March 24 at 7pm

directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel+ 
with Julie Fitzpatrick*+ Richmond Hoxie*+ Greg Keller* Tracey Conyer Lee* Devin Norik* Patricia Randell*+ Matt Wilkas*

Diane and Jesse have retreated from their unstable life in the arts to the hallowed halls of academia. That is: a world of fragile egos, insular self-importance, and a reverence for diversity bordering on the perverse. But if these professors thought navigating a classroom took wit and perseverance, they're quite unprepared for their department head's dessert party. Ensemble Studio Theatre presents a fast-paced, ensemble comedy by the writer of The House of Yes and Juvenilia.

The Six Flights of Matilda Boosoms: A VERY dark comedy, with music
written & Directed by Stephen Holt

Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00pm

Matilda Boosoms is a VERY presentable woman of an age certain, who lives in a six-flight walk-up in Greenwich Village. It's set in 2004(though Matilda's mind is in 1964!) and Matilda is finding it harder and harder to get up and down all those stairs. It's beginning to take it's toll on her physical and mental health. And in a post 9/11 world, she begins to think that her neighbors are out to kill her. Or is it vice versa?

MATILDA BOOSOMS - Judith Roberts+*
BUZZ GOODBODY - Michele Scully+
MEISNER - Josh Silverman+
B.F. - Adam McNulty
DICK WARD - Daniel Patrick Matekja
A STRANGE WOMAN - Sue Gazzolla+
MAN WITH A BIRD CAGE - Jeff Burchfield+

written & performed by Susan Merson*

Tuesday, March 8th at 7:30pm

directed by Bob Jaffe

RECLAMATION traces the journey of healing and survival after the loss of 'what had always been'. In lyric language, with irony and humor, this solo show chronicles the reclamation of a body and a life. RECLAMATION is Susan's 8th solo play. Developed over the last two years with the Los Angeles Writers Bloc and at Julia's Reading Room (League of Professional Theatre Women), RECLAMATION is about what it takes to keep going after the status quo gets blown off the table. Many of the boomers are facing the issue of solo life after years in company as wife, husband, mom or dad - but we are living longer and figuring out how one claims the loss and heals the wound. This became central for Susan in the last three years. Humor, sense of place and purpose seem to be the elements that root but in the end we are not in charge of what happens to us but only in how we deal with it. The journey continues to be a great adventure ... funny, odd, unavoidable and larger than any of us.

JANUARY 2ND a comedy
by J. Holtham* 

Tuesday, March 1st at 7pm

directed by Mark Armstrong

A staged reading with Jackie Chung*, David Gelles*, Julie Leedes*, Megan Tusing and Chris Wight*

It's New Year's Eve, 1993. Jake and Kate are young, optimistic, politically committed, and totally awesome. They're also about to sleep together for the first time and take their relationship to the next level. But a mysterious stranger has other plans for them. Now they have one day to decide their entire future...if anyone's going to have one at all. A comedy about how far you can go to get things right the first time...the second time around.

* denotes EST Member

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