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Memberfest 2011/2012

The spirit of work in progress is what EST is all about.

Memberfest is the heartbeat of our process. Our membership of over 500 artists come together to present projects in development. This is a unique opportunity to come into EST's famous creative gymnasium, to experience our members' work - new and raw and always surprising - and to share in the spirit of The Ensemble Studio Theatre.

Pig Shit and the Frozen City
by Rob Askins

Sunday 9/18 @ 6pm, on the 2nd Floor

by Paul Austin 

Tuesday 9/20 @ 7pm, on the 2nd Floor

The Share (Pilot Episode)
by Emily Chadick Weiss 

Tuesday 9/27 @ 7pm, on the 2nd Floor 

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No Good Deed
by Eric Conger

Tuesday 10/11 @ 7pm, on the 6th Floor

Living Online
by Gina Barnett

Directed by Ellen Podolsky
with Susan Willerman & Hanna Cheek 

A recent college grad is paying off her school loans by doing cyberporn. Her mother finds out. Great web-driven chaos ensues.

Tuesday 10/25 @ 7pm, on the 6th Floor

Margaret and Kit
by Shirley Lauro

with Delphi Harrington & Lucy Devito

Tuesday 11/1 @ 7:30pm, on the 2nd Floor

Iced-out, Shackled and Chained: Still Looking for the North Star
by Kisha T. Spence & Mo Beasley

Directed by Jeffery V. Thompson
with Bianca Le-Verne Jones & Stephanie Berry
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Wednesday 11/9 @ 7pm, on the 2nd Floor

Ocean Drive a two-act play
by Christopher Goutman

Initiated by EST member Loren Brown 

Blythe Raskin has considered herself cursed ever since she lost her parents in a boating accident 22 years ago. In Ocean Drive, the final installment of a family triology, Blythe arrives in Palm Beach to sign off on her recently deceased uncle's will. She expects only trouble, but discovers a real opportunity for change. 

Tuesday 11/15 @ 7pm, on the 2nd Floor

Try This at Home a solo-show
by Michele Remsen 

Directed by Karen Lynn Carpenter

Friday 12/16 at 7:30pm, on the 6th Floor

The Rust Age
by J. Holtham

Tuesday, 12/20 at 7:00pm, on the 6th Floor

Lilly Harvest
by Richard Toth 

Initiated by member Rob Askins

Tuesday, 1/10 at 7:00pm, 6th Floor

by J. Holtham

with Corey Allen, Lydia Blaisdell, Curran Connor*, Abigail Gampel*, Graeme Gillis*, Richmond Hoxie*, David Gelles Hurwitz*, Thomas Lyons*, Dawn McGee and Nitya Vidyasagar* 

Lonnie, a grad school dropout, runs a bookstore in a college town in upstate New York. When a big box store wants to buy him and a few other small business owners out, Lonnie finds himself navigating loyalty, betrayal, friendship and what it means to finally grow up. Sometimes, even after you've graduated, you still have a lot to learn.

Tuesday, 1/31 at 7pm, 6th Floor

by Kristen Lowman 

with David Bishins, Karin de la Penha, Nick Fondulis, Paul Hecht, Amy Hecht, Bob Jester, Amanda Jones, Debbie Lee Jones*, Megan Lawrence, Steve Hauck, Ryan Hugh McWilliams, Scott Sowers*, Corey Tazmania, Sam Underwood and Harris Yulin* 

Father Time and Mother Time have split. Time has stopped on the island. Second, Minute and Hour are now unemployed. Father Time, dejected and bored, tracks the world's events beyond the shore. Mother Time could give a Black Hole! But when two children are washed ashore, everything changes. Will Mother and Father Time reunite? Will the children be saved from two witches with a taste for a nice bottle of Bloody Balls of Barbarossa? Will Time resume?

Tuesday, 2/7 @ 7pm, 2nd floor

by J. Holtham

A Play About The Devil
Directed by Christopher Burris
with Erin Cherry, Jody Christopherson, William Oliver Watkins and Andrew Zimmerman 

Lily's new boyfriend is funny, charming, more than a little goofy and quite possibly the one. He also happens to be the devil. No, really, Satan. Lucifer. The font of all evil. But he's not really that bad. Or is he? Does he have a diabolical plan for Lily's soul? Or does he just want to win her heart? As she falls deeper and deeper, and her friends get more and more worried about her heart and her immortal soul, Lily has to face her own inner demons...and maybe a few outer ones, too.

Friday, 2/17 @ 8pm - Saturday, 2/18 @ 8pm - Sunday, 2/19 @ 3pm & 8pm, on the 6th floor

with/by Amy Staats & Maria Gabriele 

Short works and snacks for those who deserve them

Tuesday, 2/21 at 7pm, 6th Floor

by Tom Matthew Wolfe 

Directed by Jamie Richards* 
with Eddie Boroevich*, Helen Coxe*, Jay Patterson* & Amy Staats*

Sarah's dad is a mystery.  He sends strange packages full of painted ping-pong balls and dead leaves.  Her mom, Melanie, is worried.  Will her dad come to Sarah's 16th birthday party? And why is Sarah talking to herself? Is it possible that Sarah will inherit his mental illness?

Tuesday, 2/28 @ 7:30pm, 6th Floor

by Rob Askins*

Initiated by member Kelli Lynn Harrison*

Ingrid hates her big fat life.  An old woman gives her a life-sized doll and everything magically gets better... for a while.  Then the doll gets hungry.

Tuesday, March 6th @ 7pm, 6th Floor

by Alex Beech+

Directed by Michelle Bossy

9/11 survivor Madeline returns to Caracas to stay with her family as she recovers from the tragic events that decimated her office in New York.  To surprise Gloria, her Mother, she re-decorates her apartment and discovers that new things mean little in a world undergoingnatural disasters and political upheaval. At its core, GLORIA proposesthat the only thing we have after losing everything is each other.

Tuesday, March 13 @ 4pm, 6th floor

by Linda Faigao-Hall*

Tuesday, March 27 @ 7pm

by Holli Harms*

Tuesday, April 3 @ 7pm

by Rachel Bonds 

Directed by Linsay Firman*
with Emma Galvin, Megan Tusing*, Jared McGuire*, Stephanie Wright Thompson & Matt Steiner

After the sudden death of their parents, Anne and Ada are left to live alone in their childhood home. As Anne longs for the safety of childhood, Ada bristles under her new duties as caretaker. When a mysterious Visitor arrives, both sisters begin to imagine how life could be better without the other...

Tuesday, May 8 @ 7pm, 6th floor

by Ken Jaworoski 

Directed by Nick Leavens
Initiated by member Julie Fitzpatrick*
with Kelly Anne Burns, Julie Fitzpatrick*, Mike Smith Rivera, Nedra McClyde* & Joanie Schumacher

Tuesday, May 22 @ 7pm

by Caridad Svich*

Directed by José Zayas* 

The Way of Water is a play that pits the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico next to the lives of those directly affected by it. It's a story about four people making do as best they can, living their lives, and trying to stay afloat in the land of many compromised dreams, as the devastation of a health and environmental crisis in the US Gulf is played out on a human scale. It's a play about poverty in America, rumors and truth, what is said and what gets written, and the quest for an honorable life. The Way of Water was developed at the 2011 Winter Writers Retreat, Roundtable Reading and 2012 Studio Retreat at the Lark Play Development Center in New York City. The Way of Water has received multiple readings at venues across the US and abroad this spring as a NoPassport theatre alliance International Reading Scheme. Dramaturges: Heather Helinsky and R. Alex Davis. For more information please click here.

Tuesday, May 29 @ 7pm

by Tom Rowan*

with David Gelles*, Peter Levine, Mark Light-Orr, Rita Rehn, Storm Reid & Jessica B. Smith

Tuesday, June 19th @ 7:30pm, 2nd Floor Theater

Admission to all events is FREE

Earlier Event: September 14
The River Crosses Rivers II