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EST/Youngblood Asking For Trouble 2013: Series B

80 Actors | 23 Directors | 23 playwrights  

4 epic nights of theater

Asking for Trouble is back for its 11th, glorious year. 
23 ten-minute plays created in two weeks by 128 artists.


10/8 TUESDAY 8:30pm
10/10 THURSDAY 7pm
0/12 SATURDAY 5pm

Writers: Chiara Atik, Tony Meneses, Jen Silverman, Will Snider, Chris Sullivan,  Emily Chadick Weiss, Leah Nanako Winkler

Directors: Mark Armstong*, Eliza Beckwith*, Matt Dickson, Jamie Richards*, Colette Robert*, Erica Saleh*, Riley Teahan

Actors: Clare Barron+, Pepper Binkley+*, Kelly Anne Burns*+, Tommy Crawford+, LucyDeVito+*, Julie Fitzpatrick+*, Bobby Foley, Darcy Fowler, Graeme Gillis*, Cleo Gray, Alex Grubbs, Kelli Lynn Harrison*, Sean Huddlestan, Meera Rohit Kumbhani+, Mordecai Lawner+*, Jared McGuire*+, Marie Polizzano+, Shawn Randall*+, Patricia Randell*+, Risa Sarachan+, Chet Siegel+, Keola Simpson, Molly Ward+, Dan Ziskie+*

+Denotes members of Actors' Equity Association * Denotes Ensemble Artist