ARTHUR GIRON is a founding member of EST.  He is an educator and professional playwright.  While he was Head of the  Graduate Playwriting Program at Carnegie Mellon University, he was awarded the Hornbostel Award For Teaching Excellence.  His fifteen full-length plays are produced continuously throughtut the nation and abroad. He is the co-author of the Broadway epic musical Amazing Grace.  In November 2017 it starts a run in Washington, D.C. prior to a national tour. When his play Edith Stein was presented at the Jewish Repertory Theater, The New York Times called " vull of passionate ideas".  (It was published by Samuel French.)  The critic Rosette Lamont said at the time that Arthur "was one of our best dramatists."  A Spanish version of the play is being prepared for Chile. The NY Times said his mythic A Dream of Wealth  about American banana cowboysand Mayan Gods in Guatemala had "ample compassion and plenty of  passion."  His play Becoming Memories (Samuel French) received the L.A. Critics Drama-Logue Award (twice) for "Oustanding Achievement in Writing". His play Flight (Samuel French) about the Wright Brothers, toured 120 cities.  And its EST production led to a long-term
series of grants fromthe Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the development of plays about science and technology.  Arthur wrote a play about physicist Richard Feynman, Moving Bodies  (Samuel French) that was recently hailed at he National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C.. JessicaChastain and Aflred Molina starred in this play for L.A. Theater Works.  Also under the Sloan Project, Arthur wrote Emilie's Voltaire, which won The Galileo Prize.  In addition to the U.S., the play was produced in Portugal and Australia and has been translated into French. Upcoming works include aproduction of Love and Murder,"  a new musical based on Hermann Hesse's "Narcissus and Goldmund"; a chamber musical Wedding Bells,  inspired by Henry James's novella, "Washington Square," and a screenplay High Treason about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Arthur is a member of the EST Playwrights Unit and The Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Unit.  He lives in New York City with his wife Mariluz.