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2007 Marathon Of One-Act Plays: Series B

by Elizabeth Diggs*

Self-Portait in a Blue Room
by Daniel Reitz*

by Amy Fox*

Milton Bradley
by Peter Sagal

Yelba: Princess of 10th Avenue
by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Producer: Renee Blinkwolt
Costume Design: Amela Baksic
Set Design: Ryan Elliot Kravetz
Lighting Design: Evan Purcell
Props Design: Amanda J. Haley
Sound Design: Ryan Maeker
Production Stage Manager: Jeff Davolt
Associate Producers: Justin Quinn Pelegano and Destiny Lilly

*Denotes a member of EST

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to Jun 15

2007 Marathon Of One-Act Plays: Series A

The Probabilities
by Wendy MacLeod

directed by Karen Kohlhaas
featuring Bruce MacVittie*

My Dog Heart
by Edith Freni

directed by John Gould Rubin
featuring Brian Avers, Pepper Binkley and Brian Fenkart

The First Tree in Antarctica
by Julia Cho

directed by Kate Whoriskey
featuring Jessica Jade Andres, Michi Barall, Kristin Griffith* and Jon Norman Schneider

The News
by Billy Aronson*

directed by Jamie Richards*
featuring Geneva Carr*, Thomas Lyons*, Diana Ruppe* and Grant Shaud*

Things We Said Today
by Neil LaBute

directed by Andrew McCarthy*
featuring Dana Delany and Victor Slezak*

Producer: Renee Blinkwolt
Costume Design: Amela Baksic
Set Design: Ryan Elliot Kravetz
Lighting Design: Evan Purcell
Props Design: Amanda J. Haley
Sound Design: Ryan Maeker
Production Stage Manager: Jeff Davolt
Associate Producers: Justin Quinn Pelegano and Destiny Lilly

*Denotes a member of EST

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to Apr 22

Serendib by David Zellnick

Written by David Zellnik*

Directed by Carlos Armesto

March 28-April 22, 2007

In order to save their study, a group of scientists invite a team of filmmakers to document their work, but will the results do more harm than good? A fascinating combination of puppetry and traditional drama, Serendib examines the fine line between nature vs. nurture, and just how different we are (or aren't) from primates.

Cast & Creative

Featuring: Geeta Citygirl, Linda Powell, James Rana, PJ Sosko, Nitya Vidyasagar, and Richard B. Watson

Puppet Design & Direction by: Emily DeCola
Set Design: Maruti Evans
Costume Design: Jennifer Caprio
Lighting Design: Evan Purcell
Sound Design: Graham Johnson
Music: Katie Down
Dramaturgy: Nancy Vitale
Research: André Ford
Production Stage Manager: Wendy Ouellette
Assistant Stage Manager: Rosie Goldman
Casting: Shane/Goldstein Casting
Producer: Renee Blinkwolt
Associate Producer: Robert Askins
Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: Doron Weber
Program Directors, EST/Sloan Project: Carlos Armesto and Graeme Gillis*

*Denotes member of EST

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to Mar 10

Neglect By Sharyn Rothstein

by Sharyn Rothstein

Directed by Catherine Ward

February 21-March 10, 2007

A brand new drama of heartbreaking dimensions. During a heat wave, in an inner-city Chicago neighborhood, an elderly woman opens her home to a young man next door. Together they try to escape the heat and their own loneliness, but an unexpected betrayal leaves each irreparably changed. A heartbreaking new play from a rising young writer, featuring two star-making performances from GEANY MASAI and WILLIAM JACKSON HARPER.


featuring William Jackson Harper* and Geany Masai


“Exceptional! Tightly constructed… a bleak landscape of raw and volatile emotions. A beautiful example of how a production breathes life into a play.” - nytheatre.com


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Thicker Than Water 2007

The return of Youngblood’s signature collection of new works, THICKER THAN WATER 2007. This year’s THICKER is our biggest and best ever – featuring one-acts, shorts, and an original song cycle.

by Michael Lew

A historical short about a young FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt at a polio clinic in Georgia. Drunk.

Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

by Annie Baker

An aspiring writer tries to quit her writers’ group. Neurosis ensues.

Directed by Alex Timbers

by Sharyn Rothstein

A man watches his wife choke to death in a hospital lobby while the American medical system points and laughs. A comedy!

Directed by R.J. Tolan

by Sam Forman

Dumped for an obnoxiously attractive, compulsively masturbating actor, a young singer-songwriter desperately tries (and fails) to restart his life.

Directed by Marlo Hunter

by Courtney Brooke Lauria

A young wife, traumatized by miscarriage, gets advice on how to cope – from her home appliances. 

Directed by Melissa Kievman

by Qui Nguyen

A rookie to the world of Chinese food delivery gets schooled on the rules of the game.

Directed by John Gould Rubin

by Emily Conbere

A crew of high school girls eulogize the no-account drug dealer they loved, in song.

Directed by R.J. Tolan

*Denotes a member of EST

Cast & Creative

Featuring Arthur Acuna, Pepper Binkley, Cathy Curtin*, William Jackson Harper*, Julie Leedes*, Gregg Mozgala, Jeffrey Nauman, Justin Reinsilber, Ted Schneider, Lance Rubin* and Paco Tolson*

Set Design: Maruti Evans
Lighting Design: Evan Purcell
Costume Design: Lisa Renee Jordan
Sound Design: John D. Ivy and Graham Johnson
Production Stage Managers: Mary Kathryn Blazek and Dassance Resler
Stage Manager: Laurel Stinson
Youngblood Artistic Directors: Graeme Gillis* and R.J. Tolan*

*Denotes a member of EST


“Ambitious… Intriguing… a refreshing dip into the pool of emerging NYC writers!” - Backstage

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to Jan 29

RiddleLikeLove (With A Side Of Ketchup) By Julie Fitzpatrick & Douglas Anderson

RiddleLikeLove (with a side of ketchup)

Written by: Julie Fitzpatrick & Douglas Anderson
Directed by: Douglas Anderson

January 4-29, 2007

In compelling story and song, Julie Fitzpatrick tells the true story of growing up with her profoundly deaf best friend, Elizabeth. And how a random letter opened on the New York subway let her know that a best friend is more than a friend for life.

In association with and developed at Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, Vermont, where it premiered on September 23, 2005.

Additionally sponsored by The rUDEmECHACNICALS Theatre Company.

Cast & Creative

Starring: Julie Fitzpatrick

Set Enhancement: Maruti Evans
Lighting Designer: Evan Purcell
Production Stage Manager: Jenny Deady
Producers: Carlos Armesto & Renee Blinkwolt
Co-Producer: Matt Lawler

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