EST Member Shawn Randall gets the interview treatment from the Village Voice

In anticipation of tonight's show at the Highline Ballroom, EST Member Shawn Randall gets the interview treatment from the Village Voice on his multidisciplinary music showcase Symphonics Live!

For 10 years, Shawn Randall's Symphonics Live has developed a reputation as one of the most consistent and beloved music showcases in New York City. Originating in 2003 out of the now-recently deceased Bowery Poetry Club, Symphonics has grown to the point where the cross-genre events now pack ballrooms with listeners of all kinds. With the first Symphonics Live of the year happening tonight at the Highline Ballroom, we decided now would be a great time to talk to Randall about what makes Symphonics such a favorite of the New York music scene.

What was the genesis of Symphonics Live?

In 2002, I had been running an open mic with Karen Rockower called Westside Rhyme for three years. It was a weekly show with some features, and I think Karen was a little more focused on her band, so I decided I wanted to do a different show that was focused on showcasing great talent that I encountered or worked with. In 2003, I decided to do it in the Bowery Poetry Club. I was very involved in the slam poetry scene and the music scene, and I started to encounter a lot of talented performers. I learned a lot doing those early shows about how to host a show and developed and ear and eye for what I found fascinating. It was a lot of trial and error in meeting folks and being persistent about it.

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