For seven years, Ensemble Artist Debargo Sanyal has seen the development and evolution of the beautifully complex character, Indira. His career as an actor is extensive (acting opposite of Robert De Niro is no small feat), and Debargo has given full life to his character in When January Feels Like Summer.  He has graciously described his journey with this marvelous play. 


After the success of WJFLS, how does it feel to have the play come back for another New York run?


Edited and Interviewed by Blair Nodelman.

When January Feels Like Summer Back at EST!

Edited and Interviewed by Blair Nodelman

The Lovely Ladies

Intern Lab Summer 2014


The 2013/2014 season has been a succesful one for EST members across the Theater World. A number of our Ensemble Artists have been nominated for prestigious awards in acting, directing and writing, as well as fellowships. Join us in congratulating our winners!

Please contact us if we have missed anything. Keep up the wonderful work and we look forward to many more successes in the future!


Annie Baker

Pulitizer Prize for Drama, The Flick


Clare Barron*

P73 Fellowship

EST is pleased to announce that The Radio Drama Network has provided generous grant funds to help underwrite ​our upcoming production of When January Feels Like Summer by Cori Thomas, directed by Daniella Topol, which we are co-producing with New York City's award-winning Page 73 Productions.  Performances begin May 28th.  


Join us on Friday May 30th for an intimate post show conversation immediately following the 7pm performance.  Playwright Cori Thomasand director Daniella Topol will be joined by Zachary Stewart of TheaterMania.com in a discussion about the process of creating WHEN JANUARY FEELS LIKE SUMMER for Ensemble Studio Theater and Page 73 Productions.  They will also tackle the topics raised in this unique new play and take questions from the audience about the play, the process and working in the theater.


A big shoutout and a round of applause to all the Ensemble Artists nominated for awards this season! EST is proud to be a home for so many talented artists and we’re thrilled to see the New York theater community recognize the fantastic work they’ve done. This year has been big for EST as Eric Dufault’s Year of the Rooster debuted to critical acclaim and Robert Askins’s Hand to God followed its sold-out run at EST with a successful revival at MCC.

A note from EST Board Chair Bob Jaffe

In 2011, I had the great honor of playing blues harmonica with Shawn Randall’s band at the EST Gala as part of the festivities.  Shortly before that, Ilene Kristen serenaded Denny Denniston, one of our two honorees that night.

I think that it was that night when it occurred to me that there is performing expertise that many EST Members have that is not generally seen on the EST stages.


Do you find yourself dodging pigeons in the streets? Do you avoid beaches because fluttering seagull wings plague your nightmares?


It’s okay.  We understand. 


Ornithophobio dates back to the time of the Greeks, when little Nikolos's were eating their little chobanis in the village square, and birds of prey would peck at their little hands. 


It’s a well-documented, media-acknowledged totally understandable fear.  Birds have talons.  Talons are scary as hell. 



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